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ThyroidHQ leverages AI to drive better health outcomes for those that are living with Hypothyroidism

Cesar Venegas

  • Project Description

    Diagnosing hypothyroidism is more complex than people realize. If your Thyroid Function Test comes back within the normal range, and you still feel symptoms this is because doctors use a generic scale for treatment. Treating patients on a generic scale in turn leads to patients feeling symptomatic even if they are in normal range. This leads to complications in the doctor patient relationship. Leaving the patients frustrated and eventually giving up on treating their hypothyroidism. ThyroidHQ is fixing this problem by offering patients personalized Thyroid Function Test scales along with their optimal zone where they feel best. This will allow doctors to be better equipped to diagnose patients so they can live a symptom free optimal health life.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    According to a CB Insights report, funding to healthcare AI, telehealth, and medical devices reached an all-time high in Q3 2020 — a combined value of $9.9 billion. This trend will only continue as time goes on and technology is adopted by society. One of the big limitations of current healthcare is that its generic. ThyroidHQ to take advantage of the current move to personalized and custom healthcare . Beyond these economic trends there is very little focus on technology geared towards those with hypothyroidism and the way hypothyroidism is outdated which makes the time perfect for disruption.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our competitive advantage focusing on the Thyroid function test which in turn offering personalized scales. Other medical services still offer generic treatment when it comes to hypothyroidism which continues to frustrate these patients. Our competitors only offer trackers which in-turn does little to help patients reach optimal symptom free health. Being treated in a patients optimal zone does. Our team is also supported by medical experts and I currently have been living with hypothyroidism for 31+ years which makes me patinate about solving this problem.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    The proceeds of this competition can continue to help accelerate us so we can drive better health outcomes for people with hypothyroidism. We intend to distribute the funds to complete the following steps: Complete MVP and Validate Market Demand. This in turn will allow us to make our first 10 sales and prove demand for our product.